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We at RIFLA promote language. We understand that language has power and should be used to unify and not to attack or marginalize. We also believe that the racial and ethnic diversity of the United States is a force that does not weaken but instead enriches us as a country. We condemn the use of hateful language and violence against any person or community based on race or ethnicity and stand in solidarity with all victims of hate crimes and bigotry. 

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Many thanks to our RIFLA 2020 sponsors and exhibitors!!!

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The Seal will go LIVE as a RIDE endorsed designation with RI legislative support this year, 2021! See the FAQ documents below for details. This is a highly recommended program for all graduating seniors in Rhode Island!

How do I administer the Seal of Biliteracy test while teaching remotely? Check out this slideshow and feel free to adapt to your population and needs.

Testing with AAPPL 

Testing with AVANT 

RIFLA Statement and Call to Action

     Today we stand in solidarity with all those who are protesting, and most     especially with our students and with the Black community of Rhode Island. We   condemn the killing of George Floyd and recognize that it is yet another racially   motivated death in a country where people of color are oppressed due to   centuries of systemic racism.

     As educators, we realize that we must do our part to combat all systems of   hate, injustice, racism, and violence in our society and that we must strive to   make our classrooms inclusive, safe places for all students. We acknowledge   that  we must confront and try to dismantle our own biases and be willing to   talk  openly and honestly with our students about race and personal identity. As   language educators, we recognize that language has the power to build   empathy and traverse the divide within our communities. Making space for   dialogue on race, and racism in the US, while difficult, is essential. Having   challenging discussions with our students on equity and justice is essential. 

     What we say matters. Speaking up matters. However, what we do matters   more. Our actions matter more. We pledge to do more, to honor this work and   our students, by learning, questioning, listening, and taking action. 

     Black Lives Matter. Always. 

Remote Teaching Resources

Here are some resources curated by language teachers and organizations around the country. Feel free to add to the slideshow! Now more than ever we need our network of RIFLA members to get through!

RIFLA Curated Resources Slide deck

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