RIFLA Awards

How to Apply

Applicants must be RIFLA members. Click on the award name below. You will be forced to make a copy of the award document that you may then edit and submit electronically by following the directions on the award document.


Awards for Teachers (see also External Awards below):

The Mary L. Borra Excellence Award*
Open to RIFLA members for a creative project beneficial to the world languages profession

RIFLA Teacher of the Year*
Open to outstanding educators from within RIFLA membership
Deadline: October 15

John O. Pastore Teacher Study Stipend*
Open to RIFLA members planning to study abroad

RIFLA Teacher Professional Development Stipend

Open to all current RIFLA members who will be teaching during the next school year

Novice Teacher Award*
Open to novice teachers who have three or fewer years teaching experience.

Open to all elementary and middle grades students whose teachers are members of RIFLA. Awards will be made for the best poster of grades K-4 and grades 5-8.

Open to high school students whose teachers are members of RIFLA

Click here to watch the 2017 winning video

RIFLA College Study Stipend*
Open to college students planning to study abroad

RIFLA Student Ambassador Scholarship*
Open to high school students pursuing an immersion/language experience who have made a significant contribution to their community through the use of a language other than English.

RIFLA Student of the Year*
Open to high school world language students with outstanding academic performance whose teachers are members of RIFLA
Deadline: DECEMBER 22ND

Community Awards:

Open to a community member outside of the field of language education who would be worthy of receiving the Norma Garnett Advocacy Award. The nominee will have demonstrated advocacy for the development and/or betterment of world language study in our schools. Selected annually by the RIFLA Advocacy Committee.

*If the award recipient is unable to attend the RIFLA Spring Dinner Meeting, a representative from the school must be present to collect the award.

External Awards:

NECTFL MEAD Leadership Fellows Program

This unique fellowship assists emerging leaders by giving them expert mentoring and a community to develop a project that benefits the world language education profession. NECTFL has long been a champion of our region’s leaders and the list of fellows' ongoing accomplishments and contributions to the profession continues to grow and have an immense impact regionally and nationally.

This opportunity is for a leader in language learning in Rhode Island who can work on a project that would have a significant impact on world language teaching and learning. It is vital that we continue to grow and improve as a profession. The NECTFL Mead Fellowship is one way we can ensure that as a profession, we are continuing to innovate. The leadership projects can involve research, teaching strategies, or pedagogical development.

Full information about the program, award, and application can be found at the following link: http://www.nectfl.org/mead-leadership-fellowships.

Deadline: January 20th

Open to any Rhode Island resident or student of a Rhode Island college or university who wishes to pursue foreign language study
Deadline: January 21st

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